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    "the words of the prophet are written on the forum wall...."---George Robinson


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    "the words of the prophet are written on the forum wall...."---George Robinson

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    Posted 20 March 2011
    Hi all,

    First post and probably the last. I felt so impressed to write this, so here goes. I know no one on this site and have no reputation that you should believe me. But if my words are true you are going to want to consider.

    When the news of the dinar came to me I began to pray concerning the opportunity. It was September 2010 when the the Lord clearly showed us to go forward. We had waited for that confirmation for several years. Afterwards, the Lord has spoken four things to me. 1) There will be the test of delay. 2) This dinar will reveal what is truly in your soul 3) There will be a short window of time in which to act after the revalue 4) If you seek to hold onto the windfall you will loose it.

    The Lord told me in Sweetwater TN that the dinar would "test your soul". Since then I have seen all kinds of Christians arguing and fighting about certain things pertaining to the dinar. It should not be that way. I see people regularly engaging in name calling, especially against Maliki, I see the desperation for funds that seems to continually be present with all kinds of people. Others talk about spending wildly/foolishly on things that are extreme luxuries. It appears my word is coming to pass. Many many people are looking to the dinar as the provision, rather than Him who is the Provider. I really had to check my heart as well. He is asking me personally, where do I get my information? Selah.

    I will share here what almost no one here will know or even understand. I give this to you so that you can consider and take the right actions if you choose. There is a prophetic people that has been seated across the land for the purpose of the Kingdom of God. Starting in around the beginning of 2009 the Lord told us that there would begin the emergence of the Elijah ministry in the earth. This was previsouly told to us in 1996, so it was no surprise when it came about 13 years later. What we did not realize that it would not only be Elijah, but Elisha as well. We did not see the big picture, and perhaps still do not.

    When this Elisha ministry began we started to see the miracles of Elisha come to pass in a very public, national manner. The eigth sign was the poison in the pot. We learned from the news that the Gulf of Mexico was also called a cauldron on underwather charts. When the oil spill threatened all life in the gulf, we recognized it was the poison in the pot. A group of hidden intercessors went to the headwaters of the Mississippi and threw ground barley meal as instructed by the Lord into the river. Exactly 144 hours and 9 minutes later BP announced the plugging of the well; the approximate time it takes water to flow the river to the gulf. 144 is the number representing the elect that now stand among you.

    The ninth sign to come is the multiplication of provsion. Many people have now comfirmed that this is linked to the dinar. The Lord has been quiet on this since last July, and we expect the final 8 signs (9-16) to begin to come to pass around this year's Passover.. We are very close, but do not know exactly how this will play out.

    The Eurphrates flowed under the walls of Babylon. To overcome this city, the Medes and Persians diverted the flow of the water into a swampy area so that they might sneak into the city under the wall. The night before the attack a wild party was happening in Babylon and so the people we hung over the next morning. The armies took the city without much resistance and it still stands today. This story speaks of how the money system, represented by Babylon will fall.

    If you can receive it, the Medes are the media. The Persians are Iran. The wall is Wall Street. The Eurphates is the substance (money) that keeps the city propped up. The orgy has been going on in Washington DC now for some time. We are looking for the time in which the handwriting on the wall will appear. That sign will tell us exactly when the money system will fail. To bring about this demise the Euphrates (bountiful) will be diverted. We believe this is the sign of the dinar revaluation. It will happen to bring about the fall of Mystery Babylon.

    The dollar is the means by which money changers enslaved the world in debt. How much do you think the God will overthrow or kick over the tables of the SYSTEM that keeps people entrapped and the gospel from going forth? There is no way anyone can understand why this is happening to the dollar unless you first understand what is happening in world commerce. Since most Christians are comepletely ignorant, they view the coming crash as something terrible, but in reality the kingdoms of the world are becoming the kingdom of our God.

    Mystery Babylon is mysterious. It was called this because of its hidden-ness. The Lord did not want to replace the yoke of wood He gave the earth with a yoke of iron, therefore, the world was sold into the rule of Babylon without most people knowing. Had they known what was happening, they would have rebelled as Israel did in the biblical account. This would have required the greater sentence thus a much worse world situation. The "Mystery" part of Babylon was much grace to us all as God kept us from understanding to keep us subject to His judgement that we might learn. That is wisdom.

    Mystery Babylon for our time became manifest on December 23rd, 1913 with the passing of the Federal Reserve Act. This transferred the right to print money from the US Govern't to the string of privately owned banks that had been ruling Europe for many years. Over the last 98 years, we have seen the rise and fall of this world money power in which a defacto world currency was used to enslave most of the nations of the world.

    In 1974 Kissinger made an agreement with OPEC that all oil would be sold in US dollars only. These states would use the money to buy US debt and allow the press to run ad infinitum ad nauseum. This then required all nations to go to the Federal Reserve to exchange the local currency for the US dollar with which to purchase energy. This is exactly what happened with the Money Changers in Jesus' day. Interest, which is unlawful according to Divine Law, was used to place these nations under control of the money system. Gradually all the nations' central banks fell to the banking system. It has been said that the greastest evil under the sun is not war or famine, but compound interest. At the time of 9/11 only seven publically held central banks existed in the world. Now after our two wars there are only 5. A publically held central bank gives a country the ability to get out of debt. When banks are privately held, the debt is never released but owed to those who print the money. That was the plan of this Babylonian system. This is well understood by anyone who understands money.

    So in 1983, the seventy years of Babylonian rule had been completed, but the systematic church was not aware of the time it was in. It could not proclaim the release from Babylon since itself had become very much like the world system. God began to call out the overcomers at that time and form a people that would declare a spiritual jubilee and overthrow the Babylonian rule. Details of these years are comprehensive, but I will not write about it here. It has involved much transition and God raised up true intercessors in the nation to repair the breaches in our spiritual gates. Now the church, not being aware of its failure to proclaim the jubliee brought charge against the remnant in the divine court in heaven in 2001, but lost the case. This established God's remnant with the right to rule. They were then instructed then to overthrow the tables of the money changers, set free the captives from the Babylonian system, and produce the fruit of the kingdom.

    Although many intercessions went out over those years, the financial system held on until October of 2008 for good reason, when we saw the signs of collapse manifest. The head of gold (Babylonian image) would soon be sacked, i.e. Goldman Sachs, and the symbols of Babylon would start to fall. The walled city Babylon was manifested as "Wall Street", which would receive the brunt of the change. The kingdoms of this world are become the kingdom of our God.

    After WWII, Japan was set up as a satellite government of the US. It was run mainly by large money interests and policed by those same powers that were well established in the US government. After fighting such a costly war, there was no way the Allies would allow Japan to ever recover its strength outside their control. The Japanese government has for the most part been an extension of the Federal Reserve banking system. In the last 2 to 3 years, it has rebelled against the financial system electing outsiders to the government rejecting liberal democracy thwarting powers of the CIA which basically ruled it. Many key officials have died mysteriously. Those in the know are full aware of who is responsible for these attacks. As the dollar started its inevitable slide into oblivion because of massive fraud and printing for special interests, increasing pressure on Japanese banks has been applied to exchange dollars for yen, to keep it propped up. There has been much resistance to the west in Japan, seeking its separation from the money system. We have even seen this with Russia and China, who now trade oil in something other than dollars. What these people never knew was that God had called out the people that would have authority to overthrow the money system, and they would be caught in the transition unless the leadership calls the nation to repentance. When a people accept the ways of their corrupt lawless government, they become guilty of the same sins by way of complacency. We are seeing much of the same in America. That which is hidden will be revealed and we must be careful not to rebel against God by judging things that He may very well be sending to purge the nation of its rebellion.

    This is where the facts get cloudy. There is strong evidence that these money changers, i.e. World Bankers, have used advanced weapons to target nations that were failing their obligations to the financial system (the love of money is the root of all evil). Reports are now coming out of Japan indicating that it was an attack on the fault line that borders Japan. We know there are several technologies that can activate a fault, we just don't know for sure it was used here or why at this time. Photos and video are starting to pop up. It appears that the system is breaking up from the inside as a result of the declaration of the jubilee by the overcomers last year. It is not going to get better for a while as the system struggles for its last breath, but it will not recover until the Kingdom comes.

    So Mystery Babylon does fall into three parts as it states in Revelation. This will happen both in the spiritual realm and the natural realm. Right now, the banking system is seeking to flee the dollar for a new defacto world currency. Our best understanding will be the Iraqi Dinar, as they are preparing to loot Iraq of its natural resources through money changing. These resources, virtually untapped, are the underpinning of the new Iraqi Dinar. Most of the Babylonian nations are holding vast amounts of these dinar already in their treasuries, and will profit wildly when the Dinar revalues in a few days. Under contract they cannot sell the dinar for 6 months and during that time I believe you will see the events lead up to the splitting of Mystery Babylon. That may be a rumor, but I do think that they will hold their dinars on the balance sheet to make their own currencies more attractive.

    Currently the Prime Minister of Iraq is Maliki, which means "king". The night Babylon was overthrown, the king of Babylon was killed. We are watching carefully for this sign which will signal the downfall of the world money system. When Maliki is killed or removed from office, the nation will split into three nations, the Kurds, the Shiites, and the Sunni's. It will make the Iraqi dinar worthless overnight and the plans of the world banking systems will collapse in almost an instant. Since all these nations are now HEAVILY invested in the dinar, they will then be sitting on piles of worthless fiat paper with nothing to underpin their own money. Any non-commodity backed currency will fail quickly because of the Babylonian debt system. If Japan was actually attacked with an advanced weapon as some say it was, then we truly understand that the system is failing and God is bringing forth the kingdom as promised.

    You will never again make this kind of money this fast I think, but you must be wise. Not my intent to lecture, but we are entering an unprecedented time and this will be the largest transfer of wealth in world history as governments scramble to prop up their failing currencies through the revaluation of dinar.

    First let's understand that the US dollar has been weakening. Although commodity prices have recently strengthened, more than half of that increase has been because of the failing dollar. This is important. We have said for a couple of years that oil insiders have been saying that the bankers are looking for a new world currency to go to since the USD has been spent into oblivion. Both the Euro and Yen have been growing showing signs that this change is close. I will explain..

    As the printing press at the Fed is running day and night (actually it is electronically done now) the dollar suffers from excess spending. The more available the dollar becomes, the less value it has in general. However, until now, the banks have mopped up all the extra liquidity to pay for their gambling debts (derivatives) and that has kept the currency off of main street. If this money had gone into circulation, it would have resulted in high inflation and ultimately the loss of control over debts owed to the system. This is the reason why mom and pop never got a dime in the bail out.

    The main issue now is that the cost of servicing the debt is so high. To have money to spend and keep things propped up, you have to cut spending, raise taxes, or sell off assets. None of these things are popular and that is the catch 22 the government is in. The time it would take to correct this situation is very long... longer than one term in office, therefore no politician will waste their time being a lame duck. So, they are looking for a quick fix... Thus enter the dinar.

    The 000 on the notes you hold was put there on purpose... in fact for this purpose. The planners of this process knew that eventually they would revalue the dinar and be able to use the instant millions to write off debt. It was perfect because Iraq had so many resources to underpin the currency and with the help of the IMF and others, they could force this thing to happen in a quick way. The players have been put in place and we should see the announcement soon enough. How soon, I will not say, but the news is really good from what I understand now.

    Ok, so the earthquake and tsunami is playing a role, probably to bring this process home sooner. The largest creditor to the US is China at like $2 Trillion cash (but whose counting?), and the second largest is Japan. Japan has a very high debt load. Some say a larger percentage than the US, but I think we are better at hiding it than they are. This is key. When the catastrophe happened, it forced Japan to start to sell their US treasury holdings which dumped the dollar and made the Yen high in demand. It has really shot up, so much that the FED stepped in this week to prevent a further slide of the dollar. On Friday, we saw some stop gap measures take place, but I see that the dollar is trading at 80.8 yen. The last time I was in Tokyo seveal years ago, the dollar was like 114 Yen... It is really weak. So Japan's debt is 192% of its gross domestic product. It will need to continue to sell US treasuries to finance its restructuring and rebuilding. The pressure on the dollar will cause them to move quickly on the dinar. They are coming to a point where they have to get this done.

    When it revalues, there will be an opposite high demand for the dollar for a short time, because everyone will want US currency to spend. This will drive the price of the dollar upwards for a while. It will fool many economists into thinking the dollar is recovering as a world currency. Commodity prices will correspondingly drop. For those of you thinking precious metal will be a good investment, timing will be critical. The price will soon drop because of the revalue and then it will skyrocket as many seek to protect their holdings. You know now it is coming, so plan accordingly. Intell is now saying that there will be a drop in commodity prices in the next three weeks.. Hold on to your shorts... it is going to be a bumpy ride.

    To those who read this comment, know without a doubt that the Lord has placed people in the world to carry out the transition to the kingdom. For this to happen the dollar must be removed as the instrument that enslaves people. The kingdom economy is very close. Don't get caught in the trap of believing your money is safe in the US dollar. It is risky at best. If it is true that the treasury is holding much dinar, and why wouldn't it be, then it would not be surprising that they get caught holding the bag. We shall see. Folks this is going to happen, but making it to revalue is only half the battle. You must secure your return afterwards. Could you spend a million dollars in a day? You may get the chance to find out..

    Posted 20 March 2011
    I do not believe storing things are the answer. Since the remnant has now declared the jubilee, the priority is about eliminating debt. There are many people telling me that they have plans come from God. They all sound good enough, but I do not have an answer for you. I have set aside means to eliminate other people's debt who really don't know better.

    The Kingdom economy will most certainly replace this greedy, controlling world economy in time. Think along those lines. What does it look like and where do you need to be then?

    Posted 20 March 2011
    A point on Dr. Jones... I am fully aware of his involvement and contributions. The reason I did not make reference to his site was simple. This post was our personal experience, not his. Dr. Jones does not have a church or lead a group of people. The connections are loose and all of his experiences are independent of ours or the people we know. The revelation of money is ours. The revelation of Babylon is ours. I find it confirming that he has similar understanding, but we are different in approach and background. Mine comes from pain and the wounds of religion.

    As for scripture, I specifically avoided almost all reference to scritprue. This is not a bible study group, and there is no possible way that we could discuss scripture on these topics without getting into a huge disagreement. The church does not understand revelation, numbers, timing, or world events, let alone the completion of Tabernacles. That coupled with the multiple fullfillments that we see on many levels, it is likely impossible to have a meaningful discussion. I find almost no one agrees what Mystery Babylon is, so even saying that alone is taking a huge chance. It was hidden for a reason,

    I don't care if you accept or deny my spiritual perspective, I was not trying to convince you of it....and it may very well be that I am crazy, but this understanding came at a high price. The only thing I wanted anyone to understand was that the dollar is in big BIG trouble, and the return you may receive may be short lived. We do believe that the dinar is given for the purpose of the kingdom, but few will use it for that purpose. I believe that is why so many Christians have bought into it. Some will bury it in the earth and lose it and others will become the prodigal son.

    Posted 21 March 2011
    Thanks for asking.. I don't know.. That is not a question I have an answer for and I have been praying for an answer for 6 months. I know a couple of things that I can share.

    I have been given direction to pay for two families mortgages. I have been told to buy tillable land, enought that people can come to raise gardens on.. There will be many families that need a way to raise food in the future, so we are supposed to make provision for them. Under no circumstances do I believe we are to give people money.

    I believe we are to educate some children. These are the things that are sown in the spiritual.

    I believe buying US silver coin would be wise, but I do not believe that will be any kind of deliverance from serious trouble.

    Thy Kingdom Come, thy will be done ON EARTH as it is in heaven. Almost everyone on the planet has heard that verse. Obvisouly some here do not believe this verse is true, but we see the City that is above coming out of Heaven to the earth. You are a city set on a hill. The Kingdom will most definitely come for the kingdoms of this earth are become the Kingdom of our Lord God.
    The Lord was clear to us.. He said we did not understand the Kingdom economy and that we needed to pray and ask what it looks like. The only advice I can give you is to do the same. I believe that is how you protect your return.

    Posted 22 March 2011
    I stated very clearly just the opposite. I HAVE NOT received the direction on what to do with the money from an investment standpoint. Why put words in my mouth? Did you not read the post carefully before you responded?

    I did receive clear direction that this was part of the Jubilee declared by the overcomers last year. I did receive direction to pay off some people's mortgages. I did receive direction to purchase tillable land for a specific purpose. None of those hardly constitute an investment. If the Lord does not instruct me on this, I will probably buy land, but He will eventually show me and it will be right.

    You must be one of these people who believe that God doesn't speak to men. Is he not the Lord of all money too? Did He not bring Israel up out of Egypt to hear His voice and walk in obedience? How much more then us having the Spirit should we obey His voice?

    Posted 22 March 2011

    Running scared? Hmmmmm..processing...... I don't think so.. The other events happening right now tell me that they are not scared. They are, however, aware the their control is threatened and therefore this may be the thing that escalates the money transfer to a new defacto world currency. We have said all along that the dinar was planned from the beginning. Why else would they print money with three zeroes upon startup? The money changers new full well that they wrecked the bus while driving it.. NUMBER ONE RULE - Don't crash the bus when you are behind the wheel.

    The dinar is spiritually significant in this process. First it is connected to ancient Babylon (Iraq), so we can look to Babylonian history to see the biblical pattern we expect in our time since we are under the rule of Mystery Babylon. Second its meaning is from a root word deni - "containing ten" Very early on, its trade value was 10 asses. For the particularly astute, 10 is the number of order and also judgement. The asses represent the pentecostal age. Wherever you see an ass (mule) in the bible, you see a pentecostal. (I am not using that as slang - some people will be furious that I was not more careful- but these statements always reveal the religous who are looking for a fight) The Pentecostal Age purpose was coming to completion in 1993 (40 jubilees from the upper room) to make way for the Kingdom Age. It will be ironic to see the dinar used as a key element to overthrow the Babylonian money system.

    Some people really brushed over what I wrote here, but my conviction is solid based on tons of confirmation almost daily now. I noticed recently several articles referenced from the Drudge Report that are enlightening. First the worlds largest bond fund, Pimco's Total Return Fund, announced on March 9th that it was shedding all its US treasuries and moving the cash to other nations (safer currencies??). You can find the report on CNBC's website. This is a huge signal in my opinion. Investors are really smart (the rich ones) and these things happen for calculated reasons. They understand what I tried to confirm. The dollar is in trouble.

    The second big news was on March 21st found on Bloomberg. The Fed Reserve is the front organization for the world money system. The Fed Reserve Act is what empowered these people to control the 12 reserve banks and start printing money enough to bribe and coerce the other nations around the world. When the banksters got caught gambling (derivative fraud), it crashed the bus and sent them scurrying to look for another currency to abuse... i.e the Iraqi Dinar. My opinion is that they have overprinted to the tune of 100's of trillions of dollars, thus the value of the dinar will be relatively short lived as Babylon falls and the Kingdom of God rises. I hope I am wrong, but I am not foolish to think that life will be bliss when millions of dollars pour into the accounts of the otherwise non-elite. As much as the little guy wrestles against greed, how much more will the people with billions of taxpayer dollars at their disposal jump at the chance to be billionaires or even trillionaires?

    Anyway the Fed Reserve has lost a series of court judgements and appeals allowing the books to be made public showing where all the bailouts went. This is something they have now fought for many months with very weak arguments. I believe you can also get some comments about this flight from the dollar from Lindsey Williams on youtube. It is an old vid. Regardless of people's comments, I do not believe that you could force the Fed, which to my knowledge has never been audited for a very good reason, to air its dirty filthy laundry. For them to lose these two court cases, I have to suspect their grip on the system is slipping. The to me tells me clearly the money system's days are rapidly coming to an end.

    Are they scared? No, they are too proud to be scared. I imagine there was a meeting somewhere in Europe in a sealed, smoke filled room, where a man stood up and said, "Boys its time. We got to pull our plan into action." Since they don't need money, the only thing that would cause them to jump over to the dinar is the pressure we see today, otherwise we might not see a revalue for a long time... and everyone is aware of the continual / perpetual delays. But maybe they are stubborn little prepubescent children that want to mess up the place before they leave.

    Your dream was an obvious confirmation about the world system. The off earth portion was more likely a symbol of "being in the spirit" where you could see things from a different perspective. It also suggests you are not bound by the system.

    Posted 24 Mar 2011
    More On Oil and the Currency Trade

    I never gave much thought about the war for oil. If both political sides are fighting/arguing wether or not to be in Iraq, chance are very good that they are not getting to the real point of the discussion. I am convinced that God is determined to use Iraq because of the message associated with its history. Bottom line. Events playout subtly showing the discerning where we are at on the prophetic time line. Only those who have been careful with the facts will get it. That means drawing the parallels between the physical Babylon of old, the actual land of Babylon today (Iraq) and the financial Babylon which is still largely a Mystery.

    Today the divine positioning of the Babylonian kings continues so that they might be overthrown without fighting a war. It looks like Obama was encouraging Brazil to drill off shore. Look, the guy is not stupid. He lies and he is pulled in many directions, but he is not dumb. He gets it. He said, "And when you're ready to start selling, we want to be one of your best customers." Of course he meant that...because he understands the hidden process. The way to maintain the value of a dollar is to NOT circulate lots of it within the home country. It has to go out to come in. It has to be spent to be used to purchased treasury bonds, or otherwise you are just monetizing the debt in broad daylight. For those who don't understand what that means, if you spend money directly into circulation, you get a dimishing benefit to the government, you are likely to get high inflation making your printing press work harder, and the economy tanks because wages fall behind the cost increases of goods and services i.e. the standard of living decreases. The idea here is to print as much money as you want and to control the supply of money so that you don't devalue it in the process of spending it.

    So the Babylonian kings are still looking for oil outside the US. Massive amounts of oil are available in North America. MASSIVE. One trillion barrels of oil exist in Alberta's tar sands. They scoop up the tar, put it in a certerfuge, mix it with soap and water, it seperates, and then they refine it. Only seven percent of this reserve is accessible by open pit mining (many many square miles worth). At the current use rate, it would take 280 years to mine that 7%. Massive oil finds have been located in Alaska, the Dakota's, and the gulf. The world's largest natural gas deposit is located in front of the Rockies, but to keep the Money system propped up, we must never start drilling here. If we became self sufficient, we would instantly shut down the money flow to countries that have promised to buy our debt. The government would be forced to monetize its spending by borrowing from the Fed. It wouldn't take long from that point to unravel all the way.

    Ok, say I am now a Washington insider and I have been debriefed (brainwashed). I understand that my career and possibly my life depend on keeping the system going. The cycle is so deeply ingrained in washington politics that there is no way out. The government does not own the banks, the banks own the government as evidenced by the forced bailout of the banks !!! The banks have built mountains of money through printing and gambling, and the foreclousures over the last two to three years have placed much property (read real value) under banking control. If the dollar were to crash, the control goes with it. Debt is eliminated over night for anyone that can outlive the process long enough to gather a wheel barrow full of cash and head down to the nearest branch. Any self respecting banker knows one thing, the system cannot be repaired back to functionality. The patient is actually DOA but someone snuck in and set the corpse upright...but it is starting to stink and people are smelling it. They only need to keep the dollar pushed up long enough to escape the collapse ahead of time. If you can get your value re-established in another currency before the currency you are holding devalues, then you have avoided financial catastrophe.

    The grass is much greener in Iraq in this time. The debts are paid and there is ample natural resource to back the silly amounts of dinar that has been printed. Until the jump to light speed, there has to be a source of oil to grease the machine. Promise Brazil prosperity so that we can give you our dollar hot off the press. You re-invest it with us and we will pay you interest. You get the savings and interest, and we get oil and the cash once it comes back to us. Duh ! This has to be illegal, but it is how the system works.... And everyone holding any American currency gets the shaft....eventually, through inflation. If they had been holding commodity based coins (valuable coins), they system would have crashed long ago, so they changed the currency to worthless paper. That also was too expensive to represent money, so now most cash is just a number on a screne... the cashless society has been here for a long time and the religious don't get it.

    BO's nationality is Babylonian...because he knows exactly what is going on. My guess is that when he went in for that first briefing he got more than he was bargaining for. You can tell by the look on his face when he came out. He now knows where the real control comes from... money..and who can argue that? Christ even told us so. This explains every selfish, government centered political act we have witnessed for the last ...ummmm.... 150 years. Its about the money... and there is not one good reason that our government should borrow money instead of printing itself, unless is was for the purpose of printing cash while simultaneously sustaining its buying power as much as possible.

    Every war is about money. Afghanastan is on one side of Iran, and Iraq is on the other. The old shoot fish in a barrel routiune. Oil is not control, money is. Oil is a means to the money. Iran started to sell oil in its own currency and was rebelling against the system. This threatens the agreement with OPEC to sell all oil in dollars. Furthermore we saw a few months ago that China and Russia announced that they were going to trade oil in their own currencies. The monopoly is falling now. You also understand now why we don't drill at home .... we can't or the revenue stream disappears. What if they really had to depend on actual tax dollars?

    Enter Libya. Sweet crude for gasoline is high in demand and no one asked how we could pass the red face test buying it from our "sworn" enemy.. Easy, they purchase our debt or goods with the cash. Anytime someone stops playing the game, they get a visit from the cash protection military complex. It is the world's largest mafia. The Lybian coffers were filled with American tax dollars, but at some point all greedy leaders find their own I-don't-have-enough point. With cash comes power and independence. This is the real issue the money controllers had. Their stooges eventually have all they can stand of the threats and decide they are strong enough to go against the system. When it looked like the oil/cash would keep flowing, the Babylonian elite drug their feet. Now they are in a quagmire of their own making.. And some say the kingdom is an imagination... Ha ! I think not.

    So the masses do not understand, but I suspect the governments of the world understand very well who is who. We honestly thought when Ecuador announced it would default on its bond payments Dec 2008, that it would start a domino effect around the world. The time came and went and Correa said the interest was illegal. He was just finding out what the Fed Reserve was really about. To our surprise nothing happened. $31M is USD revenue was gone. That is $310M in lending.. gone without a peep. It wasn't until we understood the scale on which banks trade behind the scenes. The US debt is now $14.3 Trillion. That's bad... How about unfunded liabilities? Medicare, prescription drug and social security tally $113 Trillion.. What about what we don't know about? The few brave souls that dared to speak about the Fed's books say the on-balance-sheet debt is $160 Trillion... or more than 11 times the US GDP. FOLKS THAT IS 3 times the world GDP. If you think about how much profit has to be made to balance that, it is insane. I suspect personally that $160T is a light estimate.

    I said all this to help understand what is really happening with the dinar. When the banks started to store dinar, they bought billions of dollars worth. The return is going to be 3000 to 5000 times the investment. That is how the sheets get balanced. A billion times a 1000 is a trillion. $50 Billion becomes $150 Trillion.... the plan is to balance the sheet with a fraction of the money necessary..When you understand what is really going on here, then you will clearly understand the dinar will absolutely revalue. We have seen the reserves in Iraq stated upwards again and again. This is to drive up the value of the currency. The private people here buying dinar are insignificant. The very people that printed the US to its death are also planning on looting the country of Iraq. This is not sustainable. It may be propped up for months or years, but it is not sustainable. To balance the Fed, you have to make more cash literally than one can imagine. The greatest transfer of wealth is about to happen and it may be that Maliki has been standing on the air hose to prevent his country from being looted by the taskmasters. .. or maybe he has other motives, I don't know, but the banksters will eventually run anyone over that is in the way. It will take time to do the switch-er-roo. You need to be on your game for this one. I hope people are listening here. Reality is outside anyone's speculation.

    Posted 25 Mar 2011
    Thanks for the post... Let's think through this a little. I want to give you a discerning response.

    Personally I have participated in much much church. My premise for writing this article was that the dinar revaluation was about much more than a windfall. The systems of the world are in deep trouble, because those given responsibility for the money system have abused their power. I have tried to provide a scale of understanding that frames the size of the issue. I have also made the suggestion with a measure of connection to the bible that the windfall is of limited time frame. It will have the power to eliminate debt, first and foremost, because that was our primary instruction from the Lord. I am saying without hesitation that we are at a time where the Kingdom of God is emerging. I am currently in the ME and I was up this morning about 3:00 am to watch the news on Assyria and Jordan. The coincidence of these governments in overthrow is not a coincidence. It is "The kingdoms of this world are become the Kingdom of Our God" We know very clearly from scripture that God redeems these nations and this is the start of that very complex process. The turmoil is the precursor for the revaluation...

    I say all this to make a point. The Kingdom coming will transform the way of doing things. By the end of this year, you will be witnessing that first hand. My intent was NOT to throw a bunch of scripture or teaching out here. It was to provide a thread of underdstanding that was much higher than the idle banter on most blog sites. I was impressed by the Lord to bring a slight awareness to people so that they would consider the windfall of dinar/USD would still be based on shifting sands. REMEMBER THIS : The same people that crashed the bus are the ones who are heavily invested in the dinar. There are huge hedge funds purchasing dinar at quantities that greatly surpass our realm of possibility.

    So I have spoken of the Japan earthquake, but I have not mentioned the one at Christchurch in New Zealand. September 4, 2010 the quake struck this city and it garnered reporting around the globe. Particularly of interest, the city was built on a foundation of sand. When I first read the news, I caught that, but didn't know what it meant. There is a sort of fault under the city due to a sandy basin. A number of buildings were damaged due to being built on sandy soil. When the recent quake occured on Feb 22nd, we sat up and took notice. The spiritual meaning of such things takes time, so we are always carefult to observe on what is reported. The second quake was much more severe and it toppled the steeple from a very famous anglican church. The news reported that the church "would not be rebuilt". Now there is so much symbolism here, that it can hardly be coincidence. If we understand that the Kingdom Age replaces the church Age, then we should take careful account of the message.

    I am not going to go into a long tirade on the failures of the church, but I believe the church is the only institution in the whole world that shoots its own wounded. Within the church, they see themselves as victims, but outside looking in, the world sees them as hypocrits for the most part. When we saw the news break of homosexuality, clergical predators, and money thieves, we knew instantly that things were being shouted from the rooftops. The religious system was being displayed for what it really was. Now, that does not take away from those who walk according to the conviction of their faith. They are out there too, and in fact they are very real. However, they too have been trodden underfoot by the system.

    I have said this now a number of times. The system is failing. A system can kill you and not shed a tear at your funeral. My speculation at this time is that there are many many people who have been wounded by the system. I recently began to minister to a group of people who have been getting the homeless off the street. These are meth addicts, alcoholics, etc. etc. etc... the story is so well known it is repugnant. ALL OF THEM have grown up in the church and lost their way, because the church used people to build things, like steeples and glass towers. We are supposed to use things to build people. The systematic church organization (one that is not a family of Christ) produces broken bent men and women. I have talked to enough of them now to write a book about it.

    Before receiving the right boot of fellowship, I was once a prominent member in a very large church. We began to build a building. In prayer the Lord told me that the church would begin debt free (if they would trust him). The organization was full of crusty money people too, full of selfish ambition and zeal without knowledge. They bullied their way to build a much much larger building, and in disobedience they took out a $1 million loan. When completed, the building was fabulous. The Lord however, was not impressed. He told me that the church would split. A few months later, the electricity was shut off and we had witnessed 500 people come and go in the course of 6 months. Six months later they split in the midst of turmoil. Before paying off any mortgage you had better ask the Lord. Some of those programs are built on sinking sand and need their spire knocked off. Don't support what God is not supporting.

    I guess I am just willing to say it. The signs of the time we are in are VERY clear and undeniable, even though I am sure there are scads of religious that wish to do so. The church is no longer operating within the closed confines of steeples and stained glass. This is the restoration of David's fallen tent if you study it.... Don't sow your windfall into the system when there has been little to show for so much effort. You have to begin to think about Kingdom economy. We must become doers and not spectators meaning don't give your money to someone else to do what you were given the money to do yourself. When you lay up provision, think long term and not a one time event. Christ taught about sowing and reaping. You will soon have enough money to possibly fund the ministry indefintely so why give it to a broken system? The tithe was clearly meant for widows, orphans, and sojourners in the land. Instead the leaders built beautiful Anglican steeples and coveted the praises of men while collecting dues to be a Chistian. I am suggesting that MAYBE we start to do what God said, rather than what others told us what God said.

    So I am very sure there are good churches out there that need financial help. We have identified one that serves others. I bought dinar for them and I am waiting for the Lord's instruction, but there is no plan to date. However, a church is a group of people, not a building; they are called out ones by definition. If you give to a church, know the difference.

    Posted 12 Apr 2011
    Just an opinion here. The bottom line is cash flow, not rates or dates or whatever else. It is about where the cash ends up and when.

    We all know the US is in this from the beginning. The Executive Order was specifically directed at the USD, and not necessarily the US citizen. The entire process was a form of control that would bring the cash back into the treasury while financing the process using other people's money. The post-RV value of all dinar vs. the value of Iraq's estimated resources has little to do with this process, although there has been adjustment after adjustment of these estimates in the mainstream media. This is easily verified.

    If we understand that this process is about printing money with usable value and not about the US people or the Iraqi citizens or about Iraqi economy, or about the other 50 things people think it is about,... then you get to the root of the matter. Somewhere along the line, things got very serious for Ali and company. We know he is in contact with the UST. We know the UST changed the rules and closed some loopholes that specifically impacted the cash in processes. We know politically that if the US citizens ever found out the real scale of government spending and waste, or the fraud perpetrated on them by the FED, there would be many arrests all the way up the food chain. We know BO is looking at a failed presidency if some major change does not happen. We just learned that the bail out went to a whole host of constituents that have little to do with main street, jobs, or the US economy. You can be sure that the RV process is calculated, protected, and planned. It is possibly for the elimination or reduction of US government debt, along with the coalition forces benefitting as well. Does anyone really think that the UST or IMF or BIS or whoever is going to let a small time currency trader jepordize the process? Not hardly... In fact, Hell no.

    The biggest risk to the process at the present time is a run on cash. If it is not announced simultaneously, it would create a vortex in the financial system that could be dangerous to currencies and economies alike. If it is too low, there will be a power play for Iraqi resources, and they would be playing against the UST. If it is too high, there is a sustainability issue, along with an almost instant loss of value. The net value of all IQD is based on how much people believe in it, as with any fiat currency. Floating the currency up and letting investment cash flow come in will sustain the value of the IQD. The only question is where to start. Whatever the rate, it has to speak of real value, otherwise, it runs the risk of fizzling. My opinion of course. At 10 cents, it is a 100fold return. That will attrack investors, it will cause many to hold onto their dinar, and the cash flow will stream into Iraq, which is where evidently the banks want the money. The rate would increase and investors would get rich... for a while...

    Now, if you were really in the know, you would be very well paid and would not risk a leak. Do you think anyone is going to tell Ali anything?...or do you think they are just going to tell him what to do and say if he wants to keep his millions? After the banker wars started in 2008, we counted the elimination of 150 high finance guys in the main stream media before we quit counting. This was all public domain mainstream reporting and you can still search it out today if you have the time. My guess is that there is no person anywhere in the world that is divulging much of anything that is rock solid, and the situation is far too fluid to be accurate one day to the next. If they do divulge, the threat of jail or injury is severe enough that people tend to keep their mouths shut.

    Take the number of Iraqi dinar printed and multiply by 1000 (an rv right?)... That gets you into the quadrillion dollar range (what? is that like 20 quadrillion???). What is the meaning of that especially if we are basing the value on Iraqi resources? It makes no sense, but that is on the order of the bad paper behind the derivative meltdown. It is on the order of the debt behind the scenes. There is no way of knowing for sure, but there is some obscene numbers floating around indicating that the banks were gambling big time and got caught. Do you think the dinar is based on proper and equitable banking rules? and the two main governments involved have a proven track record of integrity and honesty right? ... I had to laugh out loud on that thought. Point is there is a lot more at stake that what the average person considers or even knows to consider, and it isn't about making any private citizen wealthy. It was all about getting you to finance the bigger plan. Who knows? Maybe it will all work out for the good.... The people who do not fear the hype will probably do very well.... and the rest will give it all back to the system willingly.

    Posted 24 May 2011
    Hi all, just got a contact from someone that told me this post had come up again.

    So I have three pages of comments that I would like to respond to, but can’t because of length. I hope to make some general comments first, to address these.
    First, my beliefs do not require anyone else to be a believer, especially to receive this benefit of a dinar revaluation. My belief is that the sun shines on both the righteous and the wicked. My understanding comes from Muslims, Christians, or heaven forbid, even atheists. I have traveled the world for 15 years, and I no longer hold any I’m-a-special-person-because-I-am-a-Christan belief. My best friends are from many other countries and from many other backgrounds. I have no church denomination, nor affiliation. I only speak with people who I can work things through with. They feed me and I feed them. The previous posts were carefully written over many hours of painstaking thought, and I tried to avoid as much bible thumping as I possibly could, because I wanted inclusion, not exclusion. My world view, however, is predominately shaped by biblical precedent, which I made clear.

    Do I hear voices that I call “a word from the Lord”? No. The Lord’s communication to me comes in many forms. If I merely took what I receive in prayer as fact, then I would be negating the principle of witness. There has to be confirmation. The content in this post is limited to things pertaining to dinar and the direction of the use of that return. They are things everyone can choose to take or leave. Since it is so far out there, I provided ample background of why and how this could actually be happening and what is going on behind the scenes. The dinar story is more believable when you understand money changing and oil trade. Otherwise 3860:1 return? Not likely…..not ever !

    If you don’t believe in God or you dismiss what I say because your doctrine is different. Fine ! It is ok.. It won’t matter one iota in the short term and I am not your judge. The revalue will happen and you will receive what you have bargained for. I won’t reject you because you doubt and I won’t reject you because you believe something else. Most of the church is not like that, but I am different. I have failed more than all of you. If I have any qualification it is that I have been wrong so many times. I failed in religion and I failed in my career. I failed in so many ways, and after all that God kept assuring me there would be a change…God said he was going to place this in my hands and if I walked in obedience I wouldn’t lose it.
    So earlier, I stated that this was about the money changers and the banker wars. Kahn is a chief banker. He is a banker’s banker. When he was identified and subsequently resigned May 18th we knew instantly that this was a sign, but it took several days to figure this out. We just knew that this was big news at that time.

    So, in my thinking no IMF chief ever gets pinned like this unless he has many enemies and there is a good reason. He is/was a very powerful man. He is a socialist, a top banker, and possibly a Freemason in the Grand Orient de France. Bottom line, the guy has influence. Because of the reasons I wrote about, the fall of the Babylonian system, the unusual headline about him was certainly something to take notice of. I think I mentioned earlier that May was critical in the timing of the dinar for several reasons. We now know that Kahn was arrested on the lamb selection day of the second Passover (the 14th), and he resigned at or near the precise moment that they would slay the lamb, four days later. This is a weak link for most people I am sure. To us, it is not. It is the outward sign of inward turmoil. There is a power struggle within the banking system and it happened interestingly and precisely on days that are spiritual markers to people who would dare believe. I have been clear that we believe this is a spiritual process. Again, for those who do not believe, really what difference does it make? For those who do, it is reinforcement. For those who are religious antagonists, I cannot help you.

    So one other thing. Did everyone see silver drop from $49 down to $35 in record time? You should have. The dollar is being pumped and it is my guess that this is in relation to the currency issues. The dollar needs to be as high as possible before the revaluation, and that means commodities will take a hit. Then the revalue will occur. Dollar demand will be high for the exchange period. This is when you need to pay attention to commodities. In banker speak, silver/gold is real money. Gas has dropped from $4.17 to 3.72 here in just a short time. To me, this is a clear sign the positioning is taking place.

    Posted 25 May 2011
    My mission was very plain and simple. I do not believe the current money system is stable enough to remain long afterwards as is if this large perturbation takes place. I once managed a very large account for a very large company (excess of $50M). During that time I realized that I knew nothing about money or how it is managed. As I started to study, I found out that it was not only I that was completely ignorant, but also most all of the people around me. I often met with CEO's and VP's of other companies. I found that they too were largely ignorant. They understood the simpler matters, but did not get the more weighty issues.

    This last week I met with a corporate strategist. We discussed market indicators and trends. I found out that in general corporations are loath to look to anything that goes beyond the norm. How ironic?!?! Same for most of the people in society. So when things like the Oct. '08 crash was upon them, it was business as usual until their hands were fully tied. No one paid any attention to the leading indicators, for the most part. Chicken little does not have a voice in financial circles, especially when you are making money by the bucket full. So, I have made it a mission to understand what to do once the RV takes place, and that means understanding the granularity in enough detail to make wise decisions. I did say that I use the biblical reference as a lens. It is awkward for most AND a tough pill to swallow if in fact we have come to a time of prophetic fulfillment concerning Babylonian system collapse.

    I mentioned that I look for many witnesses as a way for God to clearly indicate His message. In the last 24 hours, I have had two people call me, one from Iowa and one from Michigan, and quite spontaneously begin to tell me what the Lord was leading them to do with the revalue funds. Basically, it is land and commodities, and possibly foreign investments.

    For the reasons I have shared, land and commodities are critical. There are ways to weather the high rates of fluctuation in fiat currencies, and this has to do with investing in things that generally do not change in actual price. The fiat currency value will change, but the relative value of certain assets do not. These assets do not provide much growth or return, but they do withstand inflation and that will be key if suddenly the market is awash in greenbacks.

    Folks, from the spiritual perspective we believe that this has to happen in coincidence with spiritual milestones, which I have indicated. I do not know precisely which event this will be or what will be the meaning. God does tell us certain timings, but not this one. For very good reasons we believe that Monday thru Wednesday next week are good days to pay attention. If the revalue does not happen then, I speculate (SPECULATE) that it will be a while, perhaps a year. Don't get mad at me, its not my call. I have clearly stated I do not know the date prophetically.

    When this does occur, there will be a large demand for dollars. Due to recent changes in the UST rules, there will be less opportunity to cash in without funneling the money through the UST and thus paying the excessive capital gains tax. When this happen the value of the dollar will jump up causing two results. 1) Commodities will fall, 2) Foreign exchange will fall. This will give the rats a chance to bail from the sinkiing ship and collect high rates of exchange. Anyone left holding dollars too long will take it on the chin. Shortly after the big dogs bail from the dollar its value will fall rapidly and the hyperinflation people have been warning about for years will finally come thus looting the holdings of naive participants. Silver and gold, platinum and palladium will go up... and I am thinking maybe 400%.. Others are telling me much more, but that is my number. People will be looking for anything to get out of the dollar.

    The critical mass of people believing in the dollar at that time will still be very large, so I am thinking there is time to make a change i.e. spend it wisely. Certain people will understand what I am saying and will make good hedges. Others will say that is too doomsday for them and will not. Their lens is solely their experience and they have never been to a country and paid 20,000,000 ZMK for a hotel bill. I have. I should find that receipt and post it, but there are examples of this on the internet. If you stick your blessing in the earth and hide it, you will lose it. How much more clear could I be? The Lord told me clearly that I would not be able to keep it if I did not walk by faith. It will take everything in me to finally come to financial freedom, have a lifetime's salary in the bank, post taxes, and have to spend it all to keep it. Some will say I am an absolute nut job... but I am telling this board that the number of people calling me and telling me the same thing is astonishing, and they are getting it on their own...... and almost all of them have started saying this in the last two months.

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    Re: "the words of the prophet are written on the forum wall...."---George Robinson

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    I've only gotten half way through this and will be back to finish. I am sure I will have to read it again - each sentence is heavily packed.
    He speaks sincerely, not pompously or preachy. I trust inner guidance which he refers to often. There are innumerable ways to/through the future. We'd be foolish not to at least give a listen to them all. I love you

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    Re: "the words of the prophet are written on the forum wall...."---George Robinson

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    Re: "the words of the prophet are written on the forum wall...."---George Robinson

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    Thanks Little Miracle, for putting this together..

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    Re: "the words of the prophet are written on the forum wall...."---George Robinson

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    Preacher Man wrote:Thanks Little Miracle, for putting this together..
    took a while...but you are most welcome!!!!
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    Re: "the words of the prophet are written on the forum wall...."---George Robinson

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    .....CHIT! affraid ....silver and platinum....only problem with land is yearly property taxes. Wonder how he feels about the swiss franc.... confused confused

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    Re: "the words of the prophet are written on the forum wall...."---George Robinson

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    another WOW. where does he post?

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    Re: "the words of the prophet are written on the forum wall...."---George Robinson

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    Len wrote:another WOW. where does he post?

    i found these at DV

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    Re: "the words of the prophet are written on the forum wall...."---George Robinson

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    Great job Little Miracle.


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    Re: "the words of the prophet are written on the forum wall...."---George Robinson

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    Great job Little Miracle.

    thanks tenor joe! and a big thanks to PM who brought him to my attention!!! cheers
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    Re: "the words of the prophet are written on the forum wall...."---George Robinson

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    Hey Little Miracle - I love you girl!!!! Printed this a few days ago, but I'm just now reading the whole thing. I see that someone asked you if you knew where this was originally posted - have you figured that out by any chance??? Let me know if you do please... I dig your spunk chic!!!

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    Re: "the words of the prophet are written on the forum wall...."---George Robinson

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    lucky girl wrote:Hey Little Miracle - I love you girl!!!! Printed this a few days ago, but I'm just now reading the whole thing. I see that someone asked you if you knew where this was originally posted - have you figured that out by any chance??? Let me know if you do please... I dig your spunk chic!!!

    i found these at DV!! Very Happy Very Happy

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    Re: "the words of the prophet are written on the forum wall...."---George Robinson

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