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    DB update on cash in


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    DB update on cash in Empty DB update on cash in

    Post  littlemiracle on Thu Apr 28, 2011 6:16 pm

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    I received this email back from Dinarbanker to be able to share with our family of Dinarians.


    I am a moderator on the planet dinar website rather than have a bunch of our people call you guys for info I thought it would be easier if I could just email you directly.

    1. When cashing in are the locations going to be only at international airports? What about at Atlanta Dinarbanker office? Can you get a cashiers check from the Atlanta office in cash back?

    We currently exchange via mail and in Atlanta by appointment for dinar amounts valued over $15000 USD. Currently, customers are only purchasing dinar and there is no demand for exchange of the Iraqi Dinar. If/when the value of the Iraqi Dinar increases significantly in value, we plan to open exchange locations nationally and internationally based on demand as soon as possible. The timing on when these locations will open will depend on any timelines/conditions issued by the Iraqis for exchanging currency an demand for exchange. Some locations may be open only temporarily to satisfy limited exchange demand; others may be open for extended periods of time. Our current plan is to primary be at airport locations for logistic and security reasons locations may not be located immediately inside airports—this will depend on availability of space at the time we decide to open the location. We can issue cashiers checks, but this will have to be coordinated in advance at the time the exchange appointment sis made.

    2. How is one able to cash in reserves? Can it be done via phone or internet? Can you pay for it with dinar? If not can you bring in a dinar note cash it and then pay for your reserves that way? Can you pay off reserves and cash in at same time?

    So that our layaway program isn’t perceived as an option or futures contract, the balance of the layaway (90%) must be paid prior to delivery of the currency or distribution of an exchange. We accomplish this through a few different ways. 1) The layaway balance can be paid with USDs 2) The layaway can be paid with dinar equal to the 90% owed 3) The layaway customer can sign a payment execution agreement that DinarBanker will provide stating that the 90% owed on the layaway will be taken from the proceeds of the dinar/USDs DinarBanker will be distributing to the customer.

    3. When getting cash back at cash in time I understand it is a maximum of $10,000 cash back. Is that in cashiers check or cash? Do you need to let whomever know when you make your appointment for cash in that you want cash back and how much?

    We can break up the exchange as a customer wishes. We have decided not to distribute cash at exchange locations for security reasons; we can wire or issue checks to accounts as needed.

    4. Do you have to cash in all at once or do you do some sort of hold program? How long will cash in stations be available?

    Previously answered.

    5. If you have a reserve final payment due the same day as RV how does that work?

    If a revaluation were to occur at 1130 PM tonight and a customer’s layaway was valid until 12 PM tonight, this is what would happen: We would stop taking orders at 1130 PM and lock in all current layaways and paid orders. All active layaways would have 14 days to coordinate final payment for the layaway using one of the methods of payment listed under #2 above. If a layaway has value at expiration, it would not be allowed to expire without contact by us first.

    6. After RV do you have a limited time to pay off any reserves?

    7. If you want to cash in a little and taking remaining reserves or amount in dinar will it be available to walk out with whatever you havent exchanged?

    You can cash in all or partial.

    8. How much dinar, and or usd can you travel with domestically?

    There is no limit in the US or internationally. Travelling internationally, a FINCEN 105 must be filed.

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    Post  bankershours on Fri May 06, 2011 7:48 am

    Thanks ms LM. Can't wait to cash in. I will buy drinks at Vegas. Ur choice.

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    Post  AlBundy on Mon May 09, 2011 6:30 pm

    Great Info LM.

    Thanks for posting this. Hoping Ty, at DinarBanker, will be where I can Cash Out.

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